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Academic stress & Suicide -Ignored trigger?

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

When we consider academic stress and the burden it places on students to succeed, especially students who are particularly vulnerable - those with preexisting mental health issues. Dr. Cohen explored this area along with a number of other at risk areas, such as serious illness, romantic rejection it illness in a close friend or relative. She found that for at risk individuals, academic failure was one of the most common reasons for suicide.

It is important that all of us involved in mental health services start to recognize that this area is one that does place students at risk and be aware of it, especially for students with mental health concerns. Being proactive could go a long way to ensuring that academic failure does not result in such an extreme reaction.

Please find links to the article and the original paper below for your review:

As always, if you have any concerns for your adolescents mental health, please reach out to us here at NTC for a free consultation.

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