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Mental Health Services

We offer a wide range of counseling services for those who have difficulty adjusting to life in Japan or are dealing with mental health issues. 

Our counseling staff offers a welcoming and safe atmosphere free from judgment in which the client can speak without fear. Our trained professionals offer several therapy options.

All meetings are held in the strictest confidence, and all counselors adhere to a strict code of ethical practice.


We offer counseling services for children, adolescents, and adults, as well as group therapy. We can assist clients with various concerns, including areas such as anxiety, stress, depression, bullying, school avoidance, personality disorders, neurodivergence, sexuality and sexual identity, gender identity, trauma, self-harm, suicidal ideation, and cultural acclimation.

We can also refer clients in Japan should there be a need for pharmacological assistance. We can assist clients outside of Japan in finding appropriate psychiatric aid should it be deemed necessary.

In addition, when dealing with students, we work with the school's counselor to ensure that the student's needs are met.

All our counseling is online and in English, allowing anyone to reach us.

We also do outreach for individuals who prefer our team to visit them directly within the greater Tokyo area.

Please feel free to contact us about a free consultation.

For more information about the types of counseling, we offer below.

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