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Dungeons and Dragons Therapy

Updated: Aug 8, 2023

Dungeons and Dragons, the roleplaying game, has been around for decades but has exploded in popularity in the last few years via podcasts, movies, and a greater acceptance of roleplaying into the mainstream. Shows like Stranger Things have helped raise awareness for one of the oldest tabletop games.

In the last few years, therapists have seen TRPGs as a potential source of therapy. Clinical social workers like Cassie Walker have been working on using the fantasy world to allow clients to investigate their trauma and challenges in a slightly removed world, thus making it a safer space for them to explore. In addition, it has excellent potential to build self-esteem and assertiveness. Therapeutic D&D is a promising way to address clients' needs who may find dealing with their pain in the clinical setting too difficult.

Much research is still needed to confirm current anecdotal trends therapists see using the game in their clinics. But there does seem to be a strong potential. Alaina Demopoulos' article in the Guardian gives us a brief window into this trend.

Find the article here.

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